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11 Jan 17

Black Mountain Poets

Jamie Adams UK 2015 85   Comedy/Drama /Romance

 Two sisters, most unlikely career-criminal types, snip through a fence and attempt to steal a JCB. This ill-advised caper leads to even more bizarre happenings as they take a car belonging to two published beat poets, adopt their identities and make their way to a poetry festival in the Welsh Black Mountains where even a Tesco receipt provides humorous verse.


8 Feb 17

Rams (Hrutar)

Grimur Hakonarson Iceland 2016 135 15 Drama

 In a secluded valley in Iceland, Gummi and Kiddi have not spoken to each other in four decades. When a lethal disease suddenly infects Kiddi's prize-winning sheep, the entire valley comes under threat.


8 March 17

The Eagle Huntress

Daisy Ridley UK/Mongolia/USA 2016 87   Documentary/ Adventure

 Filmed in a remote part of Western Mongolia, this beautifully shot film chronicles the coming of age of Aisholpan, a 13-year-old girl who wants to become an Eagle Hunter like her dad, grandfather, and all male ancestors stretching back 12 generations. 


12 April 17

The Brand New Testament

Jaco van Dormael Belgium/France/Luxembourg 2015 91 15 Comedy/Fantasy

 God lives in human form as a cynical writer with his young opinionated daughter in present-day Brussels, Belgium. She concludes that her dad is doing a terrible job and decides to rewrite the world, which leaves God angry, powerless and adamant to get his power back.

This is a satire on the subject of Christianity made by an interesting Belgian director who is acclaimed for his humour (he has performed as a clown) and his respect for minorities, especially the disabled. It received 7 (out of 8) very positive reviews from our Christmas family viewing panel (aged 14 to 75 -  member number 8 fell asleep).

If you enjoyed Alice in Wonderland, the work of Terry Gilliam and the films ‘Wild Tales’, ‘Amalie’ or ‘Science of Sleep’ – you’ll probably enjoy this. Very few films manage to pack in as much surreal comedy, philosophical insight and innocent charm as ‘The Brand New Testament’. The pace is fast without being frantic and there’s never a dull moment. There is some nudity, swearing and sexual activity but generally not all at the same time. The heroes whose stories we are told (they become the six missing Apostles) are all outwardly ordinary people who become something more.

The reminder that we all are all mortal and have a limited time left on this earth spices the action and might make each of us reflect that this is true in real life just as much as in any movie.


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