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Screenings are at 7.30pm on the fourth Thursday of the month. Food is served from 6.30pm.

Films at the Mill Bistro, Seiont just outside Caernarfon are on the second Wednesday of each month.

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Thursday 23 January 20


Director/Country  Nadine Labaki   2018  126 mins  15  Drama

This is a remarkable film which will take you to the depths and back. Starring a 12 year old boy and set in the slums of Beirut (although any slum would suffice) it is a roller coaster ride into life at the very bottom of society. Best enjoyed without too much foreknowledge of what's to come. Trust  us, put up with the foul language and some truly harrowing scenes, and let the talented young woman who wrote and directed this film work her magic. 

Huge critical acclaim. Nominated for an Oscar. Another 33 wins & 39 nominations.


Thursday 27 February 20

One Cut of the Dead

Director/Country   Shinichido Ueda Japan   2017   96 mins  15   Comedy Horror

This is a film about the making of a film and is very funny. But first you watch the (short) film they made - which is a zombie horror. So it’s two for the price of one. Like Capernaum a big hit with film clubs. 

Free admission to the film if you come dressed as a zombie. Maybe even a prize for the best/funniest outfit. 

Thursday 26 March 20

Looking for Oum Kulthum

Director/Country  Shoda Azari/Shirin Neshat    Germany   2017   90 mins   PG    Drama

A film within a film, "Looking for Oum Kulthum" beautifully recounts the plight of an Iranian woman artist/filmmaker living in exile as she embarks on capturing the life and art of Oum Kulthum, the legendary female singer, by a wide margin the Arab world’s most popular entertainer and a cultural icon. Through her difficult journey, not unlike her heroine's, the director has to face the struggles, sacrifices and the price that a woman has to pay if she dares to cross the lines of a conservative male dominated society.    

Not yet released in the UK or US this film has escaped attention here but our Occasional viewers have given it high marks

Thursday 23 April 20

The Gods must be Crazy

Director/Country  Jamie Uys  South Arica/Botswana  1980   109 mins   PG   Comedy

A unique film with a brilliant combination of slapstick, subtle humour, wonderful music, brilliant wildlife and scenic shots, all beautifully woven into a piece in an almost "road-style" movie around the adventures of a bushman. And there aren't many films about bushmen so roll up.

In English with some Afrikaans and a little of the dialogue in Xhosa.


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Occasional Cinema is a film society run by volunteers. Films are shown at the Mill Bistro, Seiont, Caernarfon on the second Wednesday of the month and at the Blue Sky Cafe, Bangor on the fourth Thursday and unless stated otherwise start sometime after 7.30pm. We do not generally show films during the summer.

Membership is available on the door for a cost of 5; the first film is free; after this entrance for the film is 3.00.

At Blue Sky food is usually available from 6.30pm and a sophisticated clientele enjoy the wholesome food, reasonable price (about 10.50 for two courses) and excellent atmosphere.  Please make reservations for any meals - The Mill Seiont 01286 676549, Blue Sky 01248 355444. You can't book a seat for the film only, which is on a first come first served basis. If you want to guarantee a seat you must book a meal.
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